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FUJI Escalator

The FUJI series escalators are fully designed and manufactured using new materials and advanced technologies at home and abroad. The truss adopts high-quality angle steel, modular design of the whole machine, large-diameter step pulley, humanized armrest inlet protection device, and super-CPU motherboard computer control to serve passengers in a safe, reliable, stable, simple and fast transportation mode. Let you feel more at ease, peace of mind and comfort.

FUJI Escalator, Advanced Technology, Smooth Start, Quiet Moving


FUJI VVVF drive ensures FUJI Elevator operate more smoothly. Nice noise control brings passenger peaceful riding experience.

The start, acceleration, brake curves are designed according to the ergonomic theory in order to get the finest coziness. It is a genuine current vector control variable frequency drive system.

FUJI serial escalator get the fine and exquisite design, the unique properties, the sound energy-saving and environmental protection, the extraordinary quality. It serves the passengers by the secure, reliable, simple and prompt transport means. You can be rest assured in using FUJI products. The diversified outlook design remarkably merges itself and the architectures into one integrated mass.


Stable and Reliable


The pallet directly connecting with the chain makes the running more smoothly and quietly, thus the service life is extended and its maintenance can be easily conducted. Special designed big wheel handrail drive runs in low noise and big power, which improves the running condition of handrail . Its life is hence prolonged. Unique tube structure has a big load capacity, which greatly improves the overall stability and service life.


Colorful Decoration


Various style handrails can meet personal demand in different environments. Beautiful stainless steel floor plate has a three-dimensional effect. Inner and outer decking adopts stainless steel.


Superior Performance of Escalator


The truss utilizes first class rectangle steel with unique structure, high strength and nice anti-corruption durable features.The overall design is concise and smooth and compatible.

The advanced international craftsmanship ensures the accuracy of steps.

The large size diameter of step roller operates minimizes the noise and prolongs the product life.

The human-oriented handrail entrance is secured by brush.

The skirt together with interior and outside deck uses duplex stainless steel.

Stamping stainless steel front panels are available with various varieties.

It adopts belt braking system controlled by braking motor which brakes smoothly and reliable.

The super CPU main board monitors the operation in real time. If any abnormal situation occurs, it automatically brakes and records the malfunctions code.

Customer can choose VVVF drive to control running speed, the energy saving performance is obvious. It can prolong product life and reduce the operation cost.

Standard Safety Device

1.Lack of phase, error phase protection:

If lack of phase (moving-walk) will or eror phase has been checked out, the escalator automatically stop the operation.

15. Inspection safety switch:

A safety device that prevents the escalator from starting during maintenance.

2.MOtor over-IOaU protection:

When the current exceeds 15% of the current rating, the escalator will automatically slop the operation.

16. Step lighting:

The upper and lower ends of the escalator are equipped with illumination to remind the passengers to pay attention to safety.

3.Electrical appliance loop protection:

It offers the automatic circuit disconnecting device to protect the circuit and mains components of the escalator (moving-walk).

17. Start the alarm device:

The alarm sounds when the escalator starts to remind passengers to be safe.

4.Handrail inlet protection:

When some foreign substance has been clipped in the handrail inlet. the  escalator (moving-walk) will automatically slop the operation.

18. Handrail belt break protection device:

When the handrail breaks, the escalator will stop running.

5.Comb plate safety device:

When some foreign substance has been clipped in or between the combs.the escalator (moving-walk) will automatically stop the operation.

19. Handrail speed monitoring:

If the handrail speed is slower than the step by a certain white ratio, the escalator (automatic walkway) will automatically stop running.

6.Step sagging protection device:

When there is abnormal step bending, the escalator (moving-walk) will stop the operation before the step entering into the comb plate.

20. Apron brush:

Optional safety device. A brush is placed between the apron board and the steps so that the passenger’s shoes do not touch the apron board (not just the escalator).

7.Broken Drive-chain safety Device:

When the drive-chain has been over-stretched or it is broken, the escalator (moving-walk) will automatically stop the operation.

21. Dual independent control system:

Make the escalator run more stable and safer.

8.Broken step chain protection:

When the step (plate) chain has been over-stretched or it is broken, the escalator (moving walk) will automatically slop the operation.

22. Step missing detection device:

A safety device that protects passengers.

9.OVer-speed protection:

When  there  is over-speed to the escalator (moving  walk),it will automatically stop the operation.

23. Pedal open switch:

When the pedal is opened and the maintenance work is carried out in the escalator, the escalator stops and is in a safe state.

10.Direction reversal protection:

When it comes the unintentional reve  rsal of the direction of travel, the escalator (moving walk) will automatically stop the operation.

24. Braking distance detection:

If the stopping distance exceeds 1.2 times the international regulations, the escalator and moving walkway can be restarted after the fault lock is reset. If necessary, check the brake system before manual reset and take corrective action.

11.Security line:

The yellow synthetic resin security line is located in the front position and two sides of the escalator tread so that the passengers will not tread in-between the edge of the adjacent step and the ti什group lengthened skirt panel.  The security line on both sides of the step is higher than the tread surface.   (The  moving-walk  offers the  selective  yellow spray-palmed security line.)

25. Brake release detection:

Increasing the brake detection switch prevents the motor from running when the brake is not opened, so as not to burn the main unit or cause a fire.

12. Emergency stop button:

When the button is pressed, the escalator (automatic walkway) will automatically stop running.

26. Emergency braking device (optional safety device):

Drive chain breakage or brake failure prevents the escalator from sliding down to ensure personnel safety (must be equipped when H<6M)

13. Apron board protection:

When the foreign object is caught between the apron board and the steps, the escalator (automatic walkway) will automatically stop running.

27. Fire shutter door device (optional):

When the device is activated, the escalator (automatic walkway) can be stopped and the device is located near the escalator (moving sidewalk).

14. Brake protection:

When the power is insufficient or any safety device is activated, the brake device will activate the brake function by the spring force to stop the escalator (automatic walkway).

28. Drainage of the lower machine room (optional ):

When the water in the lower machine room exceeds the standard, the automatic drainage system operates (outdoor type).